How do I maintain my shipping container?

Because a shipping container is made of steel it requires little regular maintenance. The only thing we would suggest is to make sure that the door hinges and locking rods are greased at regular intervals.

Is condensation a problem in shipping containers?

All shipping containers have vents with baffles to let air in and keep water (be it sea or rain!) out.

How do I prepare the site for my shipping container?

In an ideal world shipping containers should be placed on level ground as otherwise it can make it difficult to open and shut the container doors easily. However, sleepers or paving slabs can be used to help the shipping container to sit level. Although it is the buyers responsibility to make sure the ground is adequately prepared our drivers will help with positioning the container wherever possible.

Do you need planning permission?

Shipping containers are classed as temporary structures and therefore do not, in most cases, need planning permission unless you are in a preservation area. If you have any doubts it could be worthwhile checking with your local planning authority for your own peace of mind.

Can you put a shipping container anywhere?

As long as there is good access and the lorry can get to the site without going on rough or muddy ground the container can be put almost anywhere within reach of the hi-ab crane. The container is placed to the side of the vehicle and therefore needs about 20 foot width to offload with no overhead cables or overhanging trees in the way. If you have any doubts about delivery/access please contact us to discuss any concerns.

How secure is a shipping container for keeping my possessions in?

Shipping containers are made of high tensile, rust inhibiting corten steel and are therefore very strong and secure. The most vulnerable area of any container will always be the doors and therefore we recommend a lock box and a high security padlock to reduce the risk of unauthorised access.

What size/weight is a shipping container?

We stock various sizes of containers from 8ft to 40ft. Our Container Sizes chart gives details of the weight and sizes of each which we hope you will find useful.

Where is your nearest container depot to me and how much will it cost to have a shipping container delivered?

We have containers in locations all over the UK. If you contact us with your postcode we will work out an accurate delivery cost.

How long can I expect my shipping container to last?

As all the shipping containers we sell were designed to cope with marine voyages they are extremely strong and durable. Obviously, the length of time the container will last depends on the conditions it is kept in. New or ex-factory containers have only had one journey over from China and therefore could be reasonably expected to last for about 30 years. The second hand shipping containers we supply will be several years old but wind and watertight and could you could therefore expect them to last another 10 years from point of sale.


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